Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Monday, March 31, 2008

Finally, A New Season Begins

Today is the big day. The day that we can officially start looking forwards instead of behind us. A day that will be remembered in Mets history, as Johan Santana's first start pitching for the New York Mets. We all know what happened last season, and we have to hope it doesn't happen again. Though we want and expect our players to use it as something to drive them throughout the season. We want the Mets to play with a chip on their shoulder, nothing should be handed to them.

I would write more, but honestly, I just can't think. I'm too excited, sorry.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

So Far So Good

Great job so far, I'm just not sure the black fits well with the other colors. It's kind of confusing without the Navbar trying to figure out how to write a new post.. haha

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ruben Gotay

What the hell is wrong with you people? Why is that everywhere I look people are crying, cursing, and cutting themselves (ok maybe not) over the loss of Ruben Gotay? You people are like a deer in headlights after seeing what Gotay did in 190 AB. First it was the people saying that the Mets should of never acquired a .300 hitting gold glove 2B, and should of kept playing Gotay, then it was the people saying Gotay should make the team, and now the same people are saying that this is going to come back and bite the Mets in the ass.

Sorry it's not. Lets just look at some of his stats.. Even though he hit .295 in 190 AB, he struck out 42 times. Average that out for an entire season, and thats 126 strikeouts. That doesn't even take into account that Ruben Gotay had 154 out of his 190 AB against RIGHT HANDED PITCHING.

But I'm already given Gotay too much credit here. This is a 25 year old career minor leaguer, who has an average of .257 in his last three seasons in the minor leagues. Not to mention he was hitting .256 in AAA before being called up. People need to realize that the .380 he hit in June and July was A FLUKE.

So what is Ruben Gotay? Ruben Gotay is an average at best defensive SS/2B, who is an average hitter vs right handed pitchers, but struggles mightily against left handers, that he may have to give up right handed hitting. Ruben Gotay is a player who needs to play everyday, and is a below average pinch hitter- from both sides of the plate.

If the Mets were to carry Ruben Gotay on the roster, they would be flooded with left handed hitters who can't hit lefties. Ruben Gotay doesn't offer any versatility, and isn't the type of player who makes up for it with his bat. I think it's possible that Ruben Gotay is the most OVERRATED player in Mets history.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Another Horrible Move

An amazing comeback by the Mets killed by another managerial move in the bottom of the 8th. Like I said in my post last night, why waste Heilman in a 5 run game what happens if there is a close game today? Well Willie pitched him last night and he threw 26 pitches, and had no problem throwing him out there again with a 3 run lead. Heilman's velocity way down from 89-92 instead of 94-97 and no movement at all on the changeup. Willie forced Heilman to throw 24 pitches (thats 50 in the last 2 days)

This all knowing that Wagner probably wouldn't be his sharpest coming in for the 9th and could use a cushion.

In the bullpen a Scott S/Joe Smith combo could of pitched the 8th inning just like they pitched the 6th inning the other day, but no go for the overworked relief pitcher and make the bullpen look even worse. Seriously will Willie ever understand how to work a bullpen?

UPDATE: o and Joe Smith just looked amazing in that 10th inning facing about the same part of the lineup as Heilman faced.

Then top 10 1st and 2nd for Lo Duca, ok you want to bunt sure. 2nd and 3rd 1 out for Gomez a right handed pitcher on the mound, and Newhan/Castro on the bench can pinch hit who have much more power then Gomez, and have a better chance of the sac fly but he stuck with Gomez who flew out to shallow RF and the Mets wind up not scoring.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

An Amazing Start by Perez!

Oliver Perez just dominated tonight, he looked amazing as he went 8 innings WALKING NONE Striking out 8 and giving up just 1 ER.

I think I heard the Fox Announcers say the Mets are set up in the post season to go Pedro,Perez,Glavine as the first 3 starters if they stay on this rotation set.

There isn't much that didn't go the Mets way tonight, but I have to ask a 5 run lead in the bottom of the 9th and Heilman is brought into the game... He has now pitched in 4 out of the last 5 days, and he threw 25 pitches tonight. WITH A 5 RUN LEAD!! Heilman is around the league leaders in appearances, and innings pitched and we have to hope he doesn't run out of gas before the playoffs.

My thought is why was Heilman in this game? You have Humber, and new call up Carlos Muniz (A closer in the minors with good stuff) in the bullpen along with Sele, and Dave Williams who I'm sure could go 1 IP 4 ER.

But Willie went to Heilman and now what happens tomorrow night close game late and the starter only goes 5 or 6, and Wagner isn't available.. Your going to have to pitch Heilman again...

playing with fire.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Sosa for 2?

Willie Randolph blew that game last night, but he gets a 50/50 on the game just because Wagner wasn't available.

I was so proud of Willie for the way he managed the 6th inning, I said it myself at the lohudblog chat room Willie should taken Glavine out and use a Smith/Show for the 6th inning. He did and the Marlins didn't score. He got lucky by getting a scoreless inning from mota, then he brings in Heilman in the 8th knowing Wagner wasn't available in the 9th. Now of course he didn't know it was going to be a save situation so he gets off a little on that.

But now to the 9th, Feliciano starts the inning and after giving up a leadoff hit with a 3 run lead and Miggy up Willie took out Pedro. I don't agree here, after Miggy comes 2 left handed bats and the most he can do is make it a 1 run lead. Instead he went for Sosa who pitched 2 innings the night before, and he blew the save in the 9th. Left in the bullpen was Aaron Sele, Philip Humber, and Willie Collazo. I was thinking that maybe a starter on a bullpen day would throw today, I think it was Perez's throw day.. But there is no way I let Sosa go out for the 10th after how bad he pitched in the 9th.. If your not going to pitch Humber or Collazo, you have to pitch Sele he's well rested and he needs to prove he belongs on the post season roster. But keeping Sosa was a horrible move.

Again you can't just think about the one night you have to think about the following nights..

Aaron Heilman has pitched 3 or 4 straight days he shouldn't be in the game tonight.
Jorge Sosa 4 innings the last 2 games he isn't pitching.
Wagner's back has him day to day.

So unless Pedro gives the Mets 8 they are going to have a good chance of blowing this game late.